Starting at $500 w/Frame

Starting at $700 Wheels Only

“We made these wheels to solve problems that we have experienced over the decades. You are the beneficiary.”

The Problems we had:

If you’ve ever had a Presta valve snap off on a trail, that’s extremely frustrating and can ruin a ride. Presta valves are designed for road bikes, not mountain bikes. As a result, they’re designed to withstand 120psi. They are narrow for narrow wheels and don’t have internal spring retention.

It can be very difficult trying to remove HG cassettes from a freehub after many hard rides. Freehub bodies are generally the same material as cassettes. As a result the cassette teeth will bite into the grooves of the freehub, making it difficult or impossible to remove the cassette.

Many hubs today are noisy and create unnecessary drag. Hundreds of hub engagements are great until they start slowing you down and scare away wildlife. When we coast we want to hear the wind, suspension and our tires. We enjoy the sounds wildlife and the environment. It’s one of the many reasons why we ride.

Carbon rims crack because they can’t dent. Although they’d be cheaper to manufacture, we’d regret not having aluminum when we’re 15 miles from a trailhead with a failed carbon rim.

Tire sidewalls fold over in hard turns and sometimes “burp” out tubeless sealant because most rims available are too narrow for todays modern wide tires.

We wanted quality rims in any color not just black.

Our Solutions:

1) Tubeless Shrader Valves

a. If they’re strong enough for semi-trucks and aircraft, then they’re strong enough for mountain bikes.

b. More air volume enables faster filling and easier sealing.

c. They will not clog and or break off in loose rock gardens.

2) Aluminum Rims

a. Anodizing protects and strengthens the rims and adds personalization.

b. Aluminum rim can get you home in an emergency even if the rim is poorly bent.

c. A 32 j-bend Triple-Cross spoke layup matched with brass nipples is the strongest combination for a wheel in our decades of mtb experience.

3) 35mm Inner Rim Width

a. A wide profile rim gives tire sidewalls greater lateral stiffness which in turn gives you more ride compliance and pedal feedback.

b. They are capable of running all tire widths from 2.25-3.0″ inches.

c. Wider rims allow blunt forces to be absorbed over more surface area.

4) Triple Anti-Bite Technology

a. Galvanized steel strips forged to 3 teeth on the HG freehub body which prevents the teeth of an HG cassette from biting into the freehub

b. An HG Cassette will always be removed easily.

5) 140 Points of Engagement

a. Not too much and not too little. Just the right amount without creating unwanted pedal kickback or unnecessary drag.

b. Not silent but not loud. You can hear the rear hub but that doesn’t mean everyone else you’re riding with will.

c. The freehub is removed easily for basic cleaning or changing between XD and HG cassettes.





Available with a frame for $500 in Black or $600 for Gold

Wheels by themselves are $700 in Black or $800 for Gold

Each set comes with a Gold front/rear Axles and Gold Miles Wide Schrader Valves.

1 year warranty

Introducing a wheelset designed around decades of experience. We’re a firm believer in trying everything. Being die-hard MTB fanatics since the 90’s, it’s given us the experience to find out what worked and what doesn’t. So when wheel manufacturers weren’t making the wheels that experience told us we needed, we made them ourselves.

Miles Wide™ Tubeless Schrader Valves

Motorcycles, Cars, Go Karts, Lawn Mowers, ATV’s and Trucks all have something in common: Schrader Valves.

Schrader Valves are far stronger, more reliable and easier to fill with sealant and air than Presta Valves. Road Bikes need a valve that can withstand 120psi and release small amounts of air on a tire with small air volume. Mountain bike tires typically run 30psi making them ideal for Schrader Valves. Schrader Valves also make it possible to seal and fill tires at most Gas Stations.

The design on these Miles Wide Tubeless Schrader Valves will prevent sealant from clogging and they’re compatible with any tire insert brand.

Anodized Aluminum Rims: 34mm Wide

Carbon Fiber has become increasingly popular in the bike industry because manufacturing costs are low and margins are high. This enables manufactures to offer lifetime warranties for when the wheel breaks. Though we could’ve made these rims in Carbon we opted for Aluminum because in our experience Carbon didn’t hold up to our abusive riding.

The rims super stiff wide profile can run any tire width from 2.25-3.0”. The wide profile aids in preventing tires from folding over in hard cornering. Aside from being extremely compliant, they’re bomb proof.

         Colors: Black, Purple, Gold

Rear Hub: 180 Engagements via 6 pawls

There’s a point where too many engagements start creating unnecessary drag. More engagements create more friction that results in fewer wheel revolutions. We found the perfect balance to be 180 engagements that we derive from our 6 pawl hub. The interchangeable freehub body makes it easy to swap out for HG or XD cassettes.

         The Weight: 1920g/set

Triple Anti-Bite System for HG Cassettes

HG Cassettes are known to bite into the teeth of freehubs. When that happens, the cassette is very difficult to remove and the freehub will need to be replaced. By reinforcing 3x teeth with steel, the cassette won’t damage the freehub when serious wattage is transferred from your legs.

Triple Cross Layup via 32 Straight Pull J-Bend Spokes and Brass Nipples

PRICE: $777