Though our Mullet frames have gone through the toughest ISO Industry Tests’, wild scenarios can have the ability to put pressure on a frame that no machine can duplicate.

For this reason, we offer a 10 Year Warranty on all our Titanium Mullet frames from the Original Purchase Date and only applicable to the Original Owner. Our Aluminum Mullet frames come with a 5 year warranty, respectively.


What you’ll need to do and what will happen:


  1. Contact the bike shop where you purchased your Mullet bike. Your bike shop will contact us and we will provide them with a shipping label so they can ship the Mullet frame to us. After it’s inspected by us, we’ll ship out new replacement free of charge to your bike shop. If we feel the Mullet frame was broken because of neglect, we will offer you a discounted price towards a new Mullet frame.
  2. If you purchased your Mullet bike online, please email kazzy@mulletcycles.com explaining what happened along with photos of where it’s gone wrong. Kazzy will then provide you with an RA number and address of where to ship your damaged frame. We will not cover this shipping cost. We will inspect your Mullet bike once it arrives. He will deem if the failure was out of neglect. We’ll then let you know in a very timely fashion when you’ll receive a shipped replacement.
  3. If a Mullet frame has been painted, the warranty is voided.