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Introducing a wheelset designed around decades of experience. We’re a firm believer in trying everything. Being die-hard MTB fanatics since the 90’s, it’s given us the experience to find out what worked and what doesn’t. So when wheel manufacturers weren’t making the wheels that experience told us we needed, we made them ourselves.

Miles Wide(TM) Tubeless Schrader Valves

Motorcycles, Cars, Go Karts, Lawn Mowers, ATV’s and Trucks all have something in common: Schrader Valves.   

Schrader Valves are far stronger, more reliable and easier to fill with sealant and air than Presta Valves. Road Bikes need a valve that can withstand 120psi and release small amounts of air on a tire with small air volume. Mountain bike tires typically run 30psi making them ideal for Schrader Valves. Schrader Valves also make it possible to seal and fill tires at most Gas Stations.

The design on these Miles Wide Tubeless Schrader Valves will prevent sealant from clogging and they’re compatible with any tire insert brand.

Anodized Aluminum Rims: 34mm Wide

Carbon Fiber has become increasingly popular in the bike industry because manufacturing costs are low and margins are high. This enables manufactures to offer lifetime warranties for when the wheel breaks. Though we could’ve made these rims in Carbon we opted for Aluminum because in our experience Carbon didn’t hold up to our abusive riding.

The rims super stiff wide profile can run any tire width from 2.25-3.0”. The wide profile aids in preventing tires from folding over in hard cornering. Aside from being extremely compliant, they’re bomb proof.

Rear Hub: 180 Engagements via 6 pawls

There’s a point where too many engagements start creating unnecessary drag. More engagements create more friction that results in fewer wheel revolutions. We found the perfect balance to be 180 engagements that we derive from our 6 pawl hub. The interchangeable freehub body makes it easy to swap out for HG or XD cassettes.


Triple Anti-Bite System for HG Cassettes

HG Cassettes are known to bite into the teeth of freehubs. When that happens, the cassette is very difficult to remove and the freehub will need to be replaced. By reinforcing 3x teeth with steel, the cassette won’t damage the freehub when serious wattage is transferred from your legs.

Triple Cross Layup via 32 Straight Pull J-Bend Spokes and Brass Nipples

In our experience, we’ve found the triple cross spoke pattern to be the strongest. Every spoke crosses three other spokes that’s mounted between the hub flange and the rim. This creates supreme lateral stiffness that makes wheel alignment straight and consistent.

J-Bend spoke have been used for decades because they work. They are easy to source and when laced correctly offer uncompromised strength.

The spokes are laced with Brass Nipples as opposed to the more common Alloy Nipple. Brass is stronger, won’t deform and aren’t as brittle as the common Alloy nipple. Galvanic corrosion is also less likely making it easier to re-true the wheel if needed.

Extras: Gold Axles, Custom Valves Caps, Rims are Taped and Ready to Roll

Each set comes with Gold anodized axles and custom valve stem caps.

Wheels are laced, pre-taped and has Tubeless Schrader valves preinstalled.

  • Front Axle included compliant for RockShox only
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Replaceable Freehubs are $99
  • 2,100 grams/set
Wheel Color

Black, Purple, Gold