The Brass Tax

What is a Head Badge?

A headbadge is used to identify a bike company and placed on a bicycle’s head tube. Headbadges are generally painted, a decal or stamped in tin.

Mullet™ Cycles take headbadges to a different level.

How are Mullet™ Headbadges made?

First, hot wax is shot up into a rubber mold to create your Mullet™ headbadge.

The wax copy is then covered in investment with a melting point to match the precious metal chosen.

When removed from high temperature ovens, they’re placed in flasks and undergo extreme pressures while the precious metal forms to the cast.

Once removed from the cast, they’re placed in an acid bath to remove any investment that remains.

They are then cut and double cut to remove any precious metal that can be re-melted.  

Final step is the polish. Each Mullet™ headbadge is worked by hand on a polishing wheel for 70-90 minutes depending on the metal.

The entire process is performed by a renowned jewelry manufacture in New York City.

All the precious metals used were mined in Alaska, USA.

The Brass Tax

Every Mullet™ Bike comes standard with a bronze casted headbadge. The Bronze is made by mixing tin and copper at sensitive temperatures to prevent pitting when casted in high temperature ovens. Naturally, Bronze patinas uniquely in different environments. Your specific climate will affect the color and time it takes for your Badge to patina. Any Jewelry Polish will bring it back to full luster. 

Baller Badge

Prefer a “Baller” headbadge on your Mullet™ Bike? You can upgrade from Bronze to 100% Sterling Silver or 14K Gold.


*Rose Gold *Cobalt *14k White Gold *Diamonds and *Platinum Head Badges start at $1,299 and go up to $15,000. Inquiries must be made via jayde@mulletcycles.com

The Banner’s:

Battle Axe:  From the Ground Up

 The epitome of what we think a headbadge should be. Skull on an Axe.

Coat of Arms: Blood Sweat and Tears

Known as our battle shield, it identifies the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears to create these machines.

Phantom Canyon: Coming Soon..