D.S.S.P. ™ (Double Stacked Single Pivot)

Outside the Box:

D.S.S.P.™ is not your parent’s single pivot but instead developed without having to work around a front derailleur. This patented single pivot design eliminates brake jack, is engineered with an ultra low-leverage ratio, and designed to use a DH shock, enabling it to climb & descend unlike anything using only a single shock setting.

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D.S.S.P. ™ is the only single pivot designed using the patented combination of Needle and Radial Bearings.  Since compromise isn’t in our wheelhouse, we spec our Full Suspension Mullet Bikes with the best hardware available for unsurpassed stiffness & dependability. On the outside sit two of Enduro Max™ largest needle bearings and on the inside are two of their biggest radial bearings. This row of four massive bearings enables the suspension to eat lateral forces while being super responsive know matter how hard you rail or land in a turn. A Mullet™ tune DH shock and low leverage ratio along with over-the-top bearing choice also means D.S.S.P.™ is virtually maintenance free regardless of riding conditions.

Old Single Pivot vs. D.S.S.P.™

Previous Single Pivot designs often led to brake jacking, swing-arm flex and the all familiar tug-o-war shock settings needed in order to make the shock feel consistent. They wouldn’t climb well if the shock were tweaked to descend… nor would they descend well if the shock were ramped up to climb. In our humble opinion, D.S.S.P.™ nails them both in addition to being super stiff and bomb proof, thanks to the massive double-stacked bearings living on each side of the pivot.


Old Single Pivot



Like Jello

Like Rock Candy

Brake Jacking

Like a Bucking Bronco


Climbs great

With rebound set too slow for descending

Like a Billy Goat

Descends Great

With compression set too soft for climbing

Point & Shoot

Multi-Pivot vs. D.S.S.P.™

The Mullet Peacemaker offers the best traits only a single pivot design can produce compared to multi-pivot designs. Multi-Pivots use a complex system of pivots, rockers, bushings, bearings and linkages.  They are often designed around complex compromises or water bottle cages that result in frequent servicing or creaking.





Lateral Loads

Blows out small bushings and bends rockers

Double stacked
oversized needle bearings eats it


More pivots & bearings increase stiction, noise, wear and replacement parts

Reduced to a hot knife cutting through butter


Often requires seasonal maintenance in wet environments

Virtually maintenance free with low upkeep cost

D.S.S.P. ™ is incredibly efficient, plush and predictable. This workingman’s design is able to run a wide array of Mullet™ Tuned shocks. A DVO Topaz Air or Manitou Mara Pro is standard.