WetTech™ Paint

Mullet™ bikes are available in our exclusive WetTech™ paint colors. Specially formulated for our bikes, this is not your typical bike paint.

It Shines:

WetTech™ permits an everlasting luster. There’s nothing like the drool worthy shine of a new bike. Those moments generally last, well, only moments. Trails aren’t kind towards paint. Rocks, branches, water, sand, dirt, mud, grease, oil, uv-rays, extreme cold, salty sweat and harsh cleaners can immediately degrade a bikes paint finish. We believe your Mullet™ bike paint should last while maintaining its luster season after season. WetTech™ makes this possible.

Color Sorcery:

Mullet™ bikes are uniquely blended with pigments that alter the paints tint in different lighting. The result gives subtle effects that can only be seen in contrasting environments in order to be appreciated.

Bass Boat Black

This Mullet™ bike color features microscopic fragments of glass mixed with 7 separate dye pigments in order to give it a finish that looks out of this world. Like a Rhinestone Cowboy, it offers a stealthy appearance or diamond sheen depending on where it sits’ in a saloon.

Holeshot Silver

Holeshot is our favorite WetTech™ color and for good reason. Our Mullet™ Bikes can be ridden hard and fast, no doubt, but when they aren’t on the trail we want them looking just as fast standing still. This liquid WetTech™ paint effect has winning written all over it.

Vintage White

Getting this color correct was no easy feat and took us the longest to execute. Finding the perfect mixture of pigments without making it look out of balance resulted in the loss of many brain cells. After 4 months of mixing pigments, our Vintage White finally came to fruition and a color from the yesteryears has returned.

Icycle Blue

A Mullet™ bike in Icycle Blue gives us chills on even the hottest desert days. Where there isn’t shade or cool clear water, it can be quite a shock when you come across some. That’s how we felt when we gazed upon this color for the first time. This was not the color we were expecting to see, however, it had such a chilling effect on us that we added it to our WetTech™ color sorcery.

Pisgah Green

There are no words to describe it. Pisgah Forest N.C., USA is a magical place. Whether on the blue side of a mountain or down in a grassy hollow, the colors are otherworldly end ever changing. Depending on your line of sight, Pisgah will appear vibrant green or a glorious rust. As an ode to a place that holds true to our hearts, this color is full of life.  In order get this bodacious color, we mix 12 different pigments.


Out of respect for those who don’t believe paint is needed on their Mullet™ bike, we offer all our models without it. However because WetTech™ acts as protection in wet environments, Mullet™ frames in RawDog are limited to 1 year instead of 5 years.