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In Stock
27.5” R/29” F

Trail/Enduro Hardtail
(120mm, 160mm)

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27.5” R/29” F

160mm FS

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27.5” R/29” F

120mm FS

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650b R/700C F

Gravel Bike

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26” R/27.5” F


Miles badge 2d pic 2
27.5” R/29” F


Our Partners

130 years in the making.

(Introducing Mullet Cycles)

The Motorbike utilizes two different wheel diameters in order to negotiate a wide range of speed while being able to handle on different types of surfaces. Our Mullet Cycles have been properly optimized using two different wheel sizes as they’re applied to off-road use.

  • 30 years in the making
  • 5 years of development
  • 2 years of prototyping

no more time to wait!

Built from

Mullet bikes cannot run 2 same size wheels.

They aren’t designed for it.

Some “Safety” or “Symmetrical Wheel” bikes have tried to run a smaller wheel in the back but they weren’t designed for it. Their geometry was designed around 2 same size wheels.

The cart before the horse.